Key Competences


  • specializes in global audience monetization at all ranges of devices, through demand from major leading worldwide DSP platforms.
  • Leading 20 years of experience in the online advertising, nowadays we are trying to use main programmatic benefits in the most efficient way.
  • We meet our partners – publishers and ad networks worldwide to help to increase CPM value for their user profiles by engaging DMP advantages of intelligent personalization.
  • Fundamental parameters of eCPM by all range of bidding, engaging waterfalls, floors, fill rates, pass backs, we convert into overall revenue increase to publishers.
  • We choose win-win options of collaboration for media, like preferred deals, monetization of premium, remnant inventory, and segmented visitors.
  • If you are looking for personal programmatic manager in the fast changing digital environment with the focused added values – we are ready to help you!


Audience Bid

By using our partner’s technologies set, today we have evolved into a virtual ad publisher vision with consistently growing audience bids around the globe.

User profile targeting:

Profile targeting



Behaviour intention & Interests


Direct 1st level accounts integration


<200 DSP partners 2nd level connections


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Contact Us, UAB
Zirmunu str. 70, Vilnius LT-09124, Lithuania
Company code: 111726576
VAT registration number: LT117265716

Contact person
Jaroslav Sivicki
Business Development
Phone: +370 687 06813